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«JazzSoft» company’s specialists have  successfully realized more than 200 IT projects.

Information system for health situation monitoring

Purpose of the system:

Automate monitoring of sanitary epidemiological situation in the country, the organization of the collection and processing of electronic information from all regions and providing  accumulated information to the  health system participants and stakeholders in accordance with applicable law, and timely information deliverance to the responsible departments of the Ministry .

System performance:

Up to 1000 concurrent users.

Information system of refugees and asylum seekers registration

Purpose of the system:

Registration of refugees and asylum seekers, automation the process of appropriation, extension and termination of refugee status.
System performance:
The level and scope — Migration Police of Kazakhstan and other public authorities of the countries of Central Asia  engaged in registration of refugees and asylum seekers .
Members: ~ 60 Number of processed requests : ~ 500 requests / min.

Electronic Services

Purpose of the system:

Accepting applications from the public for the provision of public services through socially relevant Web portal, monitoring of service provision, the results obtained in electronic form.
Users of the system:  Astana citizens.

Electronic interactive map with monitoring system

Purpose of the system:

Formation of registry offices Disaster Medicine Centre (ICC ) and interoperable services in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with the mapping of these units on the interactive map of Kazakhstan. Implementation of continuous monitoring of the location and condition of the vehicles belonging to GU CMK, help in decision making.
Users of the system:
The system is used in 12 branches in Kazakhstan CMK and 6 en-route medical rescue points. Monitoring shall be 44 vehicles CMK .

Tax reporting forms

Purpose of the system:

Software to provide tax reporting in electronic form

System performance:

Up to 300,000 requests per day.

Information system of guaranteed messages delivery

Purpose of the system:

Ensuring the delivery of encrypted messages between the client and server applications, as well as between the interacting systems of the Tax Committee.

System performance:

Up to 300,000 messages per day.

Automation of the courier service


System for managing the delivery of courier service’s email messages .

The system to control a number of reports on postal items. Generates invoices for payment.

Implemented interaction with mobile devices Courier (windows mobile).
Members — courier services .


300 requests per second .

Development and commissioning of a unified user management system


Unified user management system created on the basis of software Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) and is designed for unified and centralized management of the registration data, accounts, and user access to information resources of the organization by providing uniform transmission of information about users connected to the system.

Performance :

Up to 3000 users.

City Electric Networks


Development of accounting systems of electricity consumptions, counters, checks, orders, customers, management acts ( survey violations connect / disconnect ) , payments, settlements on electricity consumption, billing, reporting, managing directories, system administration .

Number of users :

about 50 .