Our technology experience

Our software developers have more than ten years of working experience in development of following types of software: iOS development, Android development, web applications development, Java development, .Net applications development




Oracle (9-10g), MS SQL Server (2000-2008 R2), Postgre SQL (8.4 – 9.1), Informix 9.0, Interbase.



JDK (1.4-1.6), GWT, JSF, EJB (2.x-3.x.), Swing, Hibernate, Axis, JBoss (4-7), Jetty 7, Tomcat, Jasper Reports, Crystal Report.



.NET Framework (2.0-4.0), WinForms, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC 3, WCF, NHibernate, IIS 7.0, MS Share Point 2010, MS SQL Server Reporting Services, Stimul Reports,  RFID, barcoding technology.



HP-UX: STL, aCC,  Win32: Qt.



win32, COM.


Technologies application areas


Desktop applications: .NET, Java, СУБД;

Web applications: .NET, Java, СУБД;

Mobile applications (iOs and Android development): Objective-C , Java;

Cloud applications: .NET, Java, DBMS.