«JazzSoft» Ltd is the first in Kazakhstan market providing services of  qualified programmers and business consultants outstaffing *.


Our aim is to satisfy the need for IT professionals (business consultants, programmers) in software development companies, as well as in organizations where software development is not a core activity.


If your company is required in software developers or professionals for IT consulting (architects, programmers, analysts, business consultants, testers, implementers), our services are for you.


Cost of services ranges from $ 23 per hour, depending on the type of work, the level of professional competence, scope.


Software Development

  • Data collection and requirements’ analysis
  • Evaluation of the project
  • IT solutions’ architecting
  • Development of the user interface
  • Report design
  • Coding
  • Integration with other information systems
  • A full range of testing services
  • Data migration
  • Development of documentation
  • Education of users
  • Implementation of the system
  • Support /maintenance of existing IT solutions


Mobile applications development:

Jazzsoft is skilled mobile applications developer. Our company makes a separate bid for the development of mobile applications and software for  iOS and Android platforms. Our professionals (Objective-C developers, Java developers, . NET developers, web developers) have extensive experience in developing mobile applications and mobile software within Xcode for IOS and eclipse for Android. The development is for all of today’s popular devices: smart phones, tablet computers. We are ready to perform for you any nonstandard project.


IT Consulting

  • IT solutions’ quality audit
  • Standards’ compliance audit
  • Description of business processes
  • Business process reengineering
  • Development and implementation of IT strategy of the organization
  • Development of a technical feasibility study


* Outstaffing is the transfer of qualified professionals (software developers, business consultants) to a third party company to implement its tasks and projects.