Mobile application development : the growth rate of the market

The company J’son & Partners Consulting has published a study of the market of mobile application development . Development of mobile applications demonstrates the positive development dynamic of the market of intellectual products .

This area is very attractive for investors. In a general mobilization conditions the issue of mobile application development is becoming increasingly important .
According to the research company, the main trends of the market of mobile application development are:
- The formation of the market of services for developers ;
- Extensive use of HTML 5 ;
- The development of business applications.
The main barriers to the growth of the market is this:
- Increased competition in the mobile market developments;
- Insufficient study of the developers of the needs of end users.

According to experts of J’son & Partners Consulting, the mobile applications market by the end of 2012 amounted to $ 137.3 million and the dynamics of growth was 257% compared with the previous period .
The world’s major market trends of mobile applications can be called the growth in the number of mobile devices , new operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows8), increase the number of tablet computers, the development of mobile payments and mobile banking . Among the barriers identified are the complexity of the market pay and lack of awareness people of the older generation . The experts note that similar barriers were at the dawn of the Internet market , but after a relatively short period of time, they are have stopping power and will no longer have an impact on the market.